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Zu den Stammtafeln der Lemmel/Laemmel in USA

Lemmel/Laemmel in USA
von H.D. Lemmel

Teil 1:
Einige Bilder aus einem Power-Point Vortrag beim Familientag in Rummelsberg 2003

Aus dem Elsass sind viele Lemmel nach Amerika ausgewandert. Hier eine Lemmel-Familie in Missouri, wo jedes Jahr ein Familientag abgehalten wird.

Family Reunion in Hope, Missouri, 1997  (or 1973? not quite clear)

 Family Reunion 2000

Aus dieser Familie stammt der Gründer der Lemmel-Schule bei Baltimore.

Eine Lemmel-Familie in Illinois.

Zwei Cowboys Rorey Lemmel und Red Lemmel in Süd-Dakota.


Teil 2:

 Lemmel/Laemmel families in the United States

H.D. Lemmel 1997, thereafter supplemented

By the year 2000 I have discovered 36 Lemmel/Laemmel immigrations to the US, the first in 1751, and most of them between 1850 and 1920. Some of them had no descendants or only daughters who did not preserve the family name; others had many sons and their families spread all over the United States. The majority lives in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio. Throughout the US there may be a total of 200 Lemmel and Laemmel addresses in the telefone books.

About the origin of the US Lemmel/Laemmel families

Families with the name "Lemmel" originate from Germany, mainly the province of Saxony, and the neighboring countries, specifically Alsace (in the northeast of France), Switzerland, Austria, Bohemia, and some more. The spelling of the name is varying: "Lemmel", "Lemel", "Lämmel", "Laemmel". These are different variants of the same name. Of all these variants I have a fairly complete archive for the seven centuries from 1300 to present.

Until the 19th century the spelling of names was not fixed. There are cases where the one of two brothers spelt his name "Lemmel", and the other "Lämmel". When a "Lämmel" went to America where the ä-Umlaut is not known, his name was recorded either as "Laemmel" or as "Lammel". The latter form, "Lammel", makes family research a bit difficult, because the fairly frequent German family name "Lammel" is a separate name and not a variant of "Lemmel/Lämmel".

Most of the Lemmel / Lämmel / Laemmel families originate from the same root. The first known ancestor is "Chunrad Lembelin" who lived as a merchant in Nuremberg (Nürnberg in Franconia in Northern Bavaria) around 1300. In the next generations the name changed to "Lemlin", "Lemlein", "Lemmel" and a few more variants. However, there are Lemmels and Laemmels, particularly in Alsace, who are not descendants of the Nuremberg Lemmels.

Due to lack of written documents it is not possible to trace back the Nuremberg family even further, but the name "Lembelin" is documented in Nuremberg already around the year 1150, more than 800 years ago.

Not related to the Nuremberg Lemmels are Lemmel and Lämmel families of Jewish origin, where the same family name emerged independently in different families not related to each other. But in the one or other case it might be as well that a Jewish Lemmel family originated from a Christian Lemmel who married a Jewish wife.

The Lemmels and Laemmels in the United States may be divided into
four groups:

1. coming from Alsace near the French-German border.

2. coming from Saxony.

3. coming from various parts of Germany.

4. of Jewish origin.

In all of these four groups the spellings Lemmel, Laemmel or, sometimes, Lammel are used in USA. It is the Alsace Lemmels who have by far the largest number of descendents in the United States.

         The Lemmel/Laemmel immigrations to the US

    Note the following signs:
    >!  =  Immigrants whose ancestors are known.
    >o  =  Immigrants whose ancestors are not known.

>!  Maria Lemmel, born 1690 in Melsheim, Alsace, and married to Hans Jacob Storck, came with her family to Pennsylvania in 1751. At the same time, Anders Lemel arrived in Pennsylvania; it is not mentioned from where he came. But Maria Lemmel from Melsheim had a brother Andreas, and it is either he or his son with the same name, who showed up in Pennsylvania in 1751. Thereafter, there are many Lemmels in Pennsylvania, who are most likely the descendants of Andreas. See under MeP. A branch of the Melsheim Lemmels.

>!  John Lemmel, born 1791 "in Germany" (where ?), emigrated to Jefferson county, Kentucky, in 1832. His son David F. Lemmel was a prosperous fruit farmer near Lanesville, Indiana, where his descendants live. For details see under MeL. - Most likely he is identical with Johannes Lemmel who was born in Breunsheim, Alsace, in 1791. Thus, this branch should be part of the Melsheim Lemmels.

>!  Johann Lemmel, born 1814 in Eckwersheim near Strasbourg, Alsace, France, a carpenter, went to Canada around 1845 together with his wife and young children. His brother Nicolaus and his sister Anna followed. Johann's son George had 7 sons. The family went to Nebraska in 1882, where they had many descendants. See under MeKN. This branch is part of the Melsheim Lemmels.

>!  Christian Gotthilf Lämmel, born 1793, a weaver in Chemnitz, Saxony, and his son Gotthilf Moritz Laemmel, born 1822, settled around 1850 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, state of New York. The father returned to Chemnitz, but the son had many descendants living in the state of New York. For details see under Ns. This branch is part of the Chemnitz Lemmels.
>o  Johan Lemmel, a carpenter from Rohrbach in Saxony, went to USA with wife and 4 children in 1852. Ancestors and descendants are not known.

>!  Jean/John Lemmel, born 1803, and his brother Valentin Lemmel, born 1816, both from Melsheim, Alsace, France, came in 1853 to Loudonville, Ohio, where most of the descendants live. See under MeO. This branch is part of the Melsheim Lemmels.

>!  Jake Lemmel, born 1819 in Hurtigheim, Alsace, France, went to US around 1855 and settled in Wisconsin. In 1871 his young nephew John Lemmel, born 1855 in Quatzenheim, Alsace, France, followed his uncle and settled in Evansville, Wisconsin, as a harnessmaker. His descendants lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Texas. See under MeW. This branch is part of the Melsheim Lemmels.

>o  Catherine Lemmel, born in Bavaria in 1832, got married in 1856 to John F.W. Antony in Wisconsin. Her parents are not known.

>o  Gottfried W. Lemmel, born 1824 in Krotoschin in the Prussian province of Posen (now Poland), came in 1856 to Houston, Texas, where his descendants lived. See under LKP.

>!  Johann (John) Lemmel, born 1819 in Melsheim, Alsace, France, went in 1856 to Missouri, where he had many descendants. See under MeM. This branch is part of the Melsheim Lemmels.

>!  William Laemmel, born 1832 "in Germany", went around 1860 to Missouri where he had more than 500 descendants including the children of the daughters. He came from Köttwitzsch in Saxony. See under Mo.

>!  Heinrich Lemmel, born 1838 in Hamburg, was a sailor. In 1859 he deserted in New York. It is not known, where he lived and whether he had children.
>!  Henry Lemmel, a cousin of the before mentioned Heinrich, was born in 1844 in Altona near Hamburg. In 1873 he went on a steamboat to New York. He then became a prominent citizen and cigar-maker in St.Joseph, Missouri. He had 2 daughters but no son.
>!  August Lemmel, a nephew of Henry, followed him from Germany to Missouri where he had many descendants in Colorado and California. See details under Bü. This Lemmel branch, which settled in 1763 in Bülkau near Hamburg, is part of the Melsheim Lemmels.

>o  The brothers Paul and John Lemmel, born around 1840, place of birth unknown, settled around 1860 in the southeast of Indiana. They are likely to have come from Alsace, France.  For details see under Ind.

>o  Ruben Lämmel, born in 1844, a merchant in Rogasen in the Prussian province of Posen (now Poland), came to the US in 1861. Ancestors and descendants are not known.

>! Israel Lemmel, a Jewish merchant born in 1846 in Pleschen
in the Prussian province of Posen (now Poland), emigrated in 1863 from Hamburg to New York.

>!  Christoph Lemmel, born 1851, and his sister Dorothea Lemmel, born 1842, both from Lengenfeld unter Stein (near Mühlhausen, Thüringen) emigrated to the US. It is not known where they lived and whether they had children.

>o  Oskar Lemmel, born in 1848, a merchant from Stuttgart, Württemberg, went to the US in 1876.
>o  Caspar Lemmel went from Germany to the US in 1877.
>o  Carl Lemmel, born in 1855, a worker from Welzheim in Württemberg, went to the US in 1881.
>o  Caroline Lemmel, born in 1861, not married, from Wald/Baden, went to the US in 1881. - Ancestors and descendants of these four are not known.

>!  Hugo Lemmel emigrated to California in 1882. His son Max Lemmel, born 1880 in Husum, North Germany, lived in San José, California, since 1926. He had only daughters and no son. See under Wh.

>!  Bernhard Lemmel, a chairmaker from Geringswalde near Chemnitz in Saxony, went to the US in 1883 together with his wife Selma and their 2 years old son Curt. After the early death of Bernhard, Curt became a cigar-maker in St.Louis, Missouri. His son lives in Houston, Texas. This family branch is part of the Chemnitz Lemmels. See under Klaf.
>!  Carl August Lämmel, born 1857 in Mittweida, Saxony, emigrated to the US in 1881. In 1941 his son Ernst Hermann Albin Laemmel, born 1879, lived in 424 S.Constock Avenue, Whittier, California. It is not known whether he had children. See under Ra.

>!  Konrad Lemmel, born 1874 in Buckau near Magdeburg, went to USA in 1893. He was followed by his nephew, also named Konrad Lemmel, born 1897 in Buckau, who escaped from military service in 1913 and went to USA. It is not known where he settled and whether he had children. See under LuS.

>!  Rudolf Lemmel, born 1855 in Berlin, a carpenter and a merchant, went to New York in 1882. He died in Rochester in 1899. It is not known whether he had children. See under L.
>! Fritz Lemmel, a nephew of Rudolf, born 1883 in Neustadt in Westpreussen (at that time Germany, now Poland), came to USA in 1900 as a confectioner. It is not known where he settled and whether he had children.

>!  Lucien Lemmel, born 1886 in Struth, Alsace, France, went to Cincinnati in 1907. His descendants live in Chicago, Michigan and Ohio. See under Fro. This family came from Alsace but is not related to the Melsheim Lemmels; it is from Jewish origin.                                           

>!  Carl Gustav Lämmel from Thalheim near Chemnitz, Saxony, went to USA around 1900. His son, Guido Lämmel, who was a worker in a textile factory in Thalheim, followed to the US in 1913 and lived in Boonton, NJ. There are descendants from his daughter. See under Go. This branch is part of the Chemnitz Lemmels.

>!  Carl Laemmel, born 1854 in Drebach, Saxony, emigrated to the US around 1910, followed by his grand-son:
>!  Walter Laemmel, born 1903 in Chemnitz, Saxony, lived in New York since 1927, where his descendants still live. See under GV. - This branch is part of the Chemnitz Lemmels.

>!  Kurt Lämmel, born 1895 in Merzdorf in Saxony, lived in 1930 as a tailor in New York, and in 1981 as a butcher in Hudson, New Jersey. No children. See under T.

>!  Hans Lemmel, born in 1903 in Chemnitz, Saxony, after the early death of his father, came to the US around 1911 together with his mother and sisters. He became a farmer in Fallon, Nevada, where his descendants still live.  See under Lk. This branch is part of the Chemnitz Lemmels.

>!  A Lemel family immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, during the First World War. They came from the "Batschka" in the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, a territory which was split among Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania. Nikel Lemel changed the spelling of his name to Lemmel. Joseph Stephan Lemel was born in Cleveland in 1918; his son, Joseph H. Lemel, went to Germany where he lived in 1980. See under WhB.

>!  Maurice Lemmel, born 1911 in Paris, France, went to the US around 1940 and lived in California. He had two daughters. See under Rah. The family came in 1728 from Bohemia to France.

In addition, there were several Jewish Lemmels from Poland and surrounding regions who emigrated to the US via the German port of Bremerhaven, where they are listed in the emigration registers that I was not yet able to study..

The following pages show the remote relation of the US Lemmel immigrants: first the Lemmels immigrated from Saxony, then the Lemmels immigrated from Alsace.
The Lemmels and Laemmels from Saxony in USA

                            Merten Lemmel, *?1415 in Bamberg
                            merchant in Chemnitz, Saxony
       Hans Lemmel *?1445                             Pauel Lemmel, *?1450
       merchant in Chemnitz                           in Chemnitz, Neukirchen, Adorf
           │                                   ┌───────────────────┴──────────────────────────┐
       Georg Lemmel                  Valten Lemmel *?1480                                     │
       *?1475, in                    farmer in Neukirchen                           Bastian Lemmel, *?1485
       Chemnitz, Platten,            and Markersdorf                                      in Adorf
       and Krottendorf                         │                                              │
      ┌──────┴──────┐                Franz Lemmel *?1505/10                                   │
Valten Lemmel  Bartel Lemmel         farmer in Stelzendorf                          Jakob Lemmel, *?1515
*?1510,farmer  *?1515, farmer in               │                                 in Pfaffenhain and Jahnsdorf
in Auerbach    Jahnsbach, Gelenau              │                                     ┌────────┴─────────┐
      │              │               Franz Lemmel *?1540/45                    Ilgen Lemmel             │
Valten Lemmel  Bartel Lemmel              in Chemnitz                          *?1540             Michael Lemmel
*?1555,farmer  *?1550, farmer        ┌─────────┴────┬──────────────┐           in Meinersdorf     *?1550, in           
in Auerbach    in Venusberg    Paul Lemmel          │              │                 │            Jahnsdorf and
      │        and Gelenau     *?1570, farmer  Hans Lemmel   Michael Lemmel          │            Adorf
      │              │         in Neukirchen   *?1575        *?1575, farmer          │                  │
      │              │               │         in Nieder-    in Pfaffenhayn    Georg Lemmel       Michael Lemmel
      │        Bartel Lemmel         │         hermersdorf   and Seifersdorf   *?1587             *?1587         
      │        *1589, farmer         │              │              │           in Gornsdorf       farmer in Adorf
Gabriel Lemmel in Gelenau      Hanns Lemmel         │              │                 │                  │
*1608, farmer        │         *1603           Zacharias     Michael Lemmel    Christoph Lemmel         │
in Auerbach          │         in Klaffenbach  Lemmel        *1612, farmer     *?1612             Hans Lemmel
      │        Hanns Lemmel          │         *?1615, in    in Pfaffenhain    in Gornsdorf       *1619, weaver   
      │        *1626, farmer         │         Neustadt            │                 │            in Raschau
      │        in Gelenau      Martin Lemmel        │              │           Michael Lemmel           │
Gabriel Lämmel       │       *1642, tailor and Zacharias     Michael Lemmel    *1641                    │
*1648, farmer        │       miller Neukirchen Lemmel        *?1645            in Gornsdorf       Johannes Lämmel
in Auerbach          │               │         *1647, in     in Leukersdorf          │            *1658, iron-       
      │        Michel Lemmel   Andreas Lemmel  Neustadt            │                 │            foundry worker   
Gabriel Lämmel *1667, miner    *1668, tailor        │              │           Michael Lemmel     and farmer         
*1674, miner   in Gelenau      and farmer     Andreas Lemmel Gottfried Lämmel  *1678,linen-weaver in Raschau
in Hormersdorf       │         in Neukirchen   *1683, weaver *1685             in Gornsdorf             │
      │              │               │         in Chemnitz   worker in               │            Friedrich Lämmel
J.Georg Lämmel Michel Lemmel         │         and Neustadt  Wüstenbrand       Christian Lemmel   *1701, miner in
*1701,miller   *1706, mason    Christoph Lemmel     │        and Grüna         *1708, innkeeper   Raschau and
in Köttwitzsch in Gelenau      *1715, farmer        │              │           in Meinersdorf         Grünhain
      │              │         in Neukirchen   Andreas Lemmel      │                 │                  │
      │              │               │         *1718, weaver       │                 │            Traugott 
      │              │               │         in Chemnitz   Gottfried Lämmel  Christian Lemmel   Friedrich   
J.Gottfried    Chr. Friedrich        │              │        *1731, shoemaker  *1731,linen-weaver Lämmel, *1724
Lämmel, *1744  Lämmel *1738          │              │        in Neukirchen     in Gornsdorf       blacksmith in
miller in      tailor in       Johann Michael       │              │                 │            Markersbach 
Köttwitzsch    Gelenau         Lemmel *1751         │        Gottlob Lemmel          │                  │
      │        and Wiltzsch    farmer in       Chr.Gotthelf  *1755, worker in  Samuel Gottlieb    Christian
      │              │         Neukirchen      Lemmel        Stelzendorf       Lämmel *1766       Ehregott Lämmel
      │              │               │         *1768, weaver       │           weaver in Thalheim *1766,blacksmith
J.Friedr.Ludw. Carl Gottlieb   Gottlieb Lemmel in Chemnitz         │                 │            in Mittweida     
Lämmel, *1787  Lämmel *1784    *1785, farmer        │              │                 │                  │        
miller in      mason and       in Neukirchen   Chr.Gotthelf  Gottlieb Lemmel         │                  │
Köttwitzsch    tailor in             │         Lemmel        *1793, stocking-  Carl Friedrich     Ehregott         
      │        Venusberg             │         *1793, weaver weaver in         Lämmel             Heinrich Lämmel
J.Friedr.Wilh.       │               │         in Chemnitz   Stelzendorf       *1805, stocking-   *1798,blacksmith
Lämmel, *1810        │         Johann August        │              │           weaver in Thalheim in Mittweida    
rope-maker in  Carl Christian  Lemmel, *1807   Gotthilf      Ferdinand Lemmel        │                  │         
Liebertwolkw.  Lämmel *1823    farmer in       Moritz        *1820, stocking-  Carl Friedr.Lämmel       │
      │        stocking-weaver Neukirchen      Lämmel,*1822 weaver in Chemnitz *1830, stocking-         │
William Lämmel in Venusberg          │         went to USA         │           weaver in Thalheim       │           
*1832                │               │         around 1850   Otto Lemmel *1842       │                  │            
went to        Carl Lämmel     Bernhard Lemmel      │       fitter in Chemnitz Carl Gustav        Karl August
Missouri,USA   *1854           *1851, chairmaker    │              │           Lämmel             Lämmel
      │        in Chemnitz     in Geringswalde      │        Hans Lämmel *1882 *1857              *1857, shoemaker
      │        and USA         and USA              │        foreman Chemnitz  in Thalheim        in Rochlitz and
      │              │               │              │              │           and USA            California     
│The Missouri││The Gelenau    ││The Klaffenbach││The Neustadt  ││The Leukersdorf││The Gornsdorf  ││The Raschau   │
│Laemmels    ││Laemmels in USA││Lemmels in USA ││Lämmels in USA││Lämmels in USA ││Lämmels in USA ││Lämmels in USA│
           Mo               GV             Klaf              Ns               Lk               Go               Ra
Note: All the places mentioned are villages and towns south of Chemnitz in Saxony, Germany.
Note: *1855 means born in 1855

5.3.2018     The relation of the different branches of the Chemnitz Lemmels in USA

Elsass - USA                                                 Me-US
                                              Lemmel: Melsheim-USA

                                                    Me-33/a Hans Lämmel
                                                       in Switzerland 
                                                       * about 1605
                                                    Me-34/a Peter Lämmel/Lemmel                                            
                                                    in Melsheim, Alsace,
                                                    northwest of Strasbourg
                       Me-35/b                       │              │            │              │
                    Michel Lemmel                 Me-35/j        Me-35/l         │              │            
                        *1671                  Peter Lämmel    Velten Lemmel  Me-35/p           │            
                   farmer and juryman             *1680           *1682       Anders          Me-35/q            
                     in Melsheim            farmer in Melsheim  juryman in    Lemmel        Hans Jacob     
                          │                          │           Melsheim      *1686          Lemmel          
                       Me-36/c                       │              │            │            *1695      
                    Valentin Lemmel               Me-36/j           │            │           worker in
                        *1704                  Peter Lemmel         │            │           Melsheim    
                   juryman in Melsheim             *1709            │         Andreas           │               
                          │                  farmer and jury-       │          Lemel            │ 
                       Me-37/c               man in Melsheim     Me-36/n      *?1715            │       
                    Michael Lämmel                   │         Valten Lemmel  went to         Bü-36/b    
                        *1736                        │            *1727       USA in          Johann
                   farmer in Melsheim                │          taylor in      1751           Lemmel                           
                          │                          │           Melsheim        │            *1736                    
                          │                          │              │            │        went from Mels-     
     ┌────────────────┬───┴────────┐                 │              │            │       heim to Bülkau in
  Me-38/c             │            │             Me-37/j        Me-37/na         │        North Germany, 
Hans Michael          │            │           Michel Lemmel   Hans Lemmel       │    northwest of Hamburg
   Lemmel             │            │               *1754          *1755          │              │     
   *1754          Me-38/f          │           worker in       in Breuns-        │        ┌─────┴─────┐
   weavor        Hans Lemmel       │          Hohfrankenheim   heim=Printz-      │     Bü-37/a     Bü-37/b
Furchhausen         *1764       Me-38/h       near Melsheim       heim           │  Peter Lemmel    Jakob
     │           in Melsheim  Georg Lemmel           │              │            │      *1765       Lemmel       
     │                │          *1772               │              │            │  joiner in       *1768   
  Me-39/cp            │        worker in             │              │            │     Altona     clogmaker
Johann Michael    Me-39/fm     Melsheim          Me-38/k         Me-38/n         │  near Hamburg  in Bülkau
   Lemmel      Georg Lemmel        │           Jean Lemmel       Johannes        │        │           │
   *1788            *1794          ├─────┐         *1792         (John)          │        │           │
   worker         farmer in Jean/John    │     shepherd in       Lemmel          │        │        Bü-38/d
Hurtigheim         Melsheim    Lemmel Valentin Eckwersheim       *1791           │     Bü-38/b     Andreas
     │                │         *1803 Lemmel   near Strasbourg  went to USA      │  Martin Lemmel   Lemmel
     │                │     farmer in *1816          │           in 1832         │      *1815       *1803   
   ┌─┴─────┐          │     Melsheim, went to        ├─────┐        │            │     worker in  innkeeper
Me-40/cp Me-40/cq MeM-40/fn   went to Ohio in    Me-39/k   │        │  ┌─────────┴───┐  Altona   in Hamburg
Michael  Jakob      Johann       Ohio 1853,       Johann   │        │  │The Melsheim-│    │           │   
Lemmel   Lemmel     (John)         │  + 1880,     Lemmel Nicolaus   │  │Pennsylvania │    │           │
*1817    *1819      Lemmel         │  no           *1814  Lemmel    │  │Lemmels      │    │           │ 
tailor   1871 in    *1819          │  children carpenter  *1822     │  └─────────>MeP┘    │           │
Quat-   Wisconsin  went to         │   ═════   went to   +1905 in   │                     │           │
zenheim  ═════     Missouri        │           Canada in   Canada   │                ┌────┴────┐   Heinrich      
   │               in 1856         │               1845    :        │             Henry        │    Lemmel
   │                  │            │                 │     :        │             Lemmel  Margarete  *1838
   │                  │    ┌───────┴───────┐         │   children?  │             *1844     Lemmel  went to
MeW-41/cp             │    │ The           │         │              │           Cigarmaker   *1846 USA, not   
John Lemmel           │    │ Melsheim-Ohio │         │              │           St.Joseph,     │     known     
*1855                 │    │ Lemmels       │ ┌───────┴─────────┐    │             Missouri     │     where        
1871 to USA           │    └───────────>MeO┘ │ The             │    │                │      August    :           
   │            ┌─────┴─────────────┐        │ Canada-Nebraska │    │                │      Lemmel    ?
   │            │ The               │        │ Lemmels         │    │                │       *1874,                    
   │            │ Melsheim-Missouri │        └────────────>MeKN┘    │                │     St.Joseph,
   │            │ Lemmels           │                               │                │      Missouri 
   │            └───────────────>MeM┘                    ┌──────────┴──────────┐     │         │
┌──┴─────────────────┐                                   │ The                 │  ┌──┴─────────┴────┐
│ The                │                                   │ Melsheim-Lanesville │  │ The             │                    
Melsheim-Wisconsin │                                   │ Lemmels             │  │ Bülkau-Missouri
│ Lemmels            │                                   └─────────────────>MeL┘  │ Lemmels         │
└────────────────>MeW┘                                                            └──────────────>Bu┘
Note: *1855 means born in 1855
      +1905 means died in 1905
8.3.2018            The relation of the Melsheim Lemmel branches in USA

For the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America to be celebrated in 1892, there was an official competition for a medal. The prize winner was Hermann Laemmel, a 27 years old engraver in Dresden, Saxony. The medal shows a lively portrait of Cristofero Colombo surrounded by two allegoric figures representing America (left) and Europe. The reverse side shows an American native (sitting on the ground) surprised by the arrival of the allegoric figure of Europe, a tall female with wide spread wings, coming over the ocean from the East which is represented by the sunrise in the background. Medals with a diameter of 59 millimeters were minted in gold, silver and bronce

Medaille auf den 400. Jahrestag der Entdeckung Amerikas durch Cristoforo Colombo, für einen Wettbewerb entworfen von Hermann Lämmel, Dresden, 1892. Mitgeteilt von seinem Enkel Heinz Lämmel in Zittau,
Größe: 5 mm stark, Durchmesser 59 mm. Ausführung in Gold, Silber und Bronze..
Hermann Lämmel, geboren 11.5.1865 in Buchholz im Erzgebirge, gestorben 12.9.1943 in Radebeul.


Kurt Laemmel's Wurst-Geschäft in Hudson, New Jersey, um 1960.
Kurt Laemmel wurde am 6.4.1895 in Merzdorf/Sachsen geboren und ging um 1925 nach New York.
[Internet 2022, Migration, dort wohl irrtümlich angegeben, dass das Geschäft in New York sei]

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